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Mental Skills Coaching

  "I have taken so many of the things we  spoke about into my artistic life, including
     positive self-talk, using imagery in my practice, and new preparation rituals. 
    It was wonderful to carve out this time to focus on these  important aspects
  of my creative life and career. "
M., Contemporary Dancer

What is Mental Skills Coaching?

Mental skills coaching is a strategic and evidence-based method of helping performers in all fields (sports, performing arts, academics, military, business, healthcare, etc.) perform more optimally and consistently. Mental skills coaches work collaboratively with performers to pinpoint areas of strength and areas needing improvement.


Together, coach and performer develop a plan to deliberately practice and enhance key mental skills. A performer may want to address any number of skills, such as confidence, goal-setting, energy management, visualization, positive perspectives, pre-performance routines, work-life balance and more. They may also want support navigating a variety of career and personal transitions.


My Approach

My approach is positive, strength-based, collaborative and holistic. I understand that one's performance career and wider life affect one another. I focus on personal growth, opportunity and resilience in alignment with my clients' values, sense of meaning and longer-term goals. 


Currently, I  provide mental skills coaching to professional dance artists, athletes and other performers. 
In my applied sports psychology master's program, I worked with professional and pre-professional dancers and musicians, helping them develop mental skills and overcome challenges in their performance careers. I also provided physical activity counselling to children and youth outpatients and concussion clinic clients of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and to adult outpatients at the Ottawa Heart Institute.  Previously, I worked at the Dancer Transition Resource Centre for several years and was a steering committee member of their annual on the MOVE and keep on MOVING career planning conferences for emerging dance artists.


$100/ hour consultation.

Sliding scale fees available for artists and those in financial need.

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