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Dance Therapy

"Lorraine brought tremendous respect and support as she facilitated the experiences in the group. She developed a sense of camaraderie and safety for clients to explore concepts as well as opportunity to have fun."

-- Occupational Therapist at Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

What is Dance Therapy?


Dance therapy focuses on movement --  one of the primary ways we express our emotions, communicate with others and understand our world. Using movement, dance therapists help clients explore patterns in their lives and relationships, build skills, resources and resilience, pursue meaningful goals, and develop adaptive ways of responding to life’s challenges.


Clients are often drawn to dance therapy because they want to feel more at home in their bodies. They may want to explore ways of moving more effectively through life, or they may want to understand the stories and heal the pain their bodies carry. 


My Approach


As a dance therapist, my approach is creative, collaborative and strength-based. I believe we each have an extraordinary capacity to create positive change in our lives. I support my clients in their courageous work through kindness, empathy and an unwavering sense of hope. I believe that no matter how challenging an issue may be, there is always an opportunity to improve it, or to live within it with greater positivity and adjustment.

In our sessions, we may draw upon a range of tools and activities, including music, props, games, drawing and storytelling, along with movement.



Past Groups Include

Mood Disorders Ottawa - creative dance and movement groups


Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre --  creative arts therapy support groups

Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre  --  outpatient dance therapy groups

Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre School  --  creative movement groups

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